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Who We Are

Enotch Academics provides solutions for colleges and universities that increase collaboration and drive student results. Our product suite addresses the two primary challenges for any institution of higher learning:

1) Existing evaluation processes are time sensitive and paper driven.

2) Current paper driven evaluations do not allow for feedback


Reasons to Choose Us

Academics is the core
Our products align with the core goal of any institution, to increase graduation and retention rates each year.
Measured Performance
Our product suite measures Adjunct and Faculty performance and empowers the administration to make informed decisions via data analysis.
Customized to fit the institution
We understand that each institution may have unique requirements to implement any of our products. As a result we work with your administration to implement our product suite. Customizations at all levels are available through our Professional Services offering.

Our History

  • 2014
    Enotch Academics was formed to provide solutions that empower an institution to make data driven decision and measure the performance of Faculty and Staff.
  • 2013
    Pilot of initial product evaluation portfolio and software applications.
  • 2012
    Identification of a need for a software product that can transform the evaluation process of faculty and adjunct staff using technology while maintaining integrity and contractual requirements.