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Colleges and Universities are increasingly turning to Adjuncts to provide instructional support across an institution.

Colleges and universities have increasingly hired more part-time faculty who are engaged in instruction, research, and/or public service. In 1970, 22.2% of faculty at all higher education institutions were part-time employees, not including graduate assistants.In 2009, 49.3% of faculty was part-time employees. The percentages of part-time faculty at public institutions change quite a bit when broken down into the type of institution. At public 4-year institutions, the percentage of full-time faculty is typically 67.7% and the percentage of part-time 32.3% respectively. At public 2-year institutions, the percentage of full-time faculty dropped to 30.2% and the percentage of part-time faculty rose to 69.8%.

Our product allows an institution to electronically evaluate part-time faculty and adhere to legal obligations and the integrity of the evaluation process electronically.

Community and technical colleges, urban institutions, branch locations, and private schools may rely on part-time faculty members because they save these institutions money and they allow institutions to more “change [their] academic program to meet market demand.” Large urban universities may utilize part-time faculty because the “pool of talent in a large city exposes the university to many professionals with rare and diverse concentrations.” Graduate and professional schools rely on part-time faculty because these schools often have clinical instruction. In addition, “[l]aw schools often utilize adjunct faculty to take advantage of a practicing attorney’s knowledge in a particular subject area.”

  • Connect

  • Leverage your existing Adjunct email system such as Google or Microsoft Office 365 for authentication.

  • Branding

  • Apply your school colors, branding and layout with ease.

  • Mobile Design

  • Evaluators can complete the observation and submission of a evaluation from the comfort of their Android or iOS Phone or Tablet.

  • Microsoft

  • Our Adjunct application is built on and for customers with an existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

Leverage a electronic solution for Adjunct evaluation that we tailor for your institutions needs.

Make informed decisions on the performance of your part-time faculty through data driven assessment.