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At the heart of the Colleges and University learning experience for students in departments are the full time faculty.

Colleges and universities have increasingly hired more part-time faculty who are engaged in instruction, research, and/or public service. However, at the heart of the institution and its learning experience is the full time faculty.

Institutions in Higher Education leverage a process for reappointment of faculty intended to assess their professional portfolio and development against certain metrics. This process can vary by institution type, organization structure and governance process. This process is known as the Tenure and Promotions process. For example purposes, a typical submission by applicant can be to move from Associate Professor, Associate professor to Professor and from Professor to Full Professor with tenure in their respective areas of discipline.

A committee ready portfolio submission typically can include dozens of documents that are often submitted in print form. This review committee has the responsibility to review each faculty member submission and provide additional feedback which will be used to make recommendation. The system ensures that completed portfolios with the required materials of each type are submitted prior to submission for formal review.

Our Solution:

Creation of an electronic system aimed at capturing and storing faculty portfolio information in preparation for submission for review. The collected information is used to measure community service, research, published writings and others packages which contain artifacts with information relative to the tenure and reappointment process. Examples of these documents can be CV’s, videos, audio samples, links to public internet documents and office documents.

The Faculty Member and their Chairperson engages in continued communication regarding the faculty member portfolio and provides comments.

The system consists of the following user roles:
Decision Maker, President, Provost, Campus Admin(s), Dean, Chairperson and Faculty member

An Individual or in some cases individuals s assigned to each role have the ability to review and provide record of decision for tenure Yes or No. Comments remain private throughout this process for audit purposes.


  • Connect

  • Leverage your existing Adjunct database for authentication and for Adjunct listing such as Ellician Banner.

  • Branding

  • Apply your school colors, branding and layout with ease.

  • Mobile Design

  • Evaluators can complete the observation and submission of a evaluation from the comfort of their Android or iOS Phone or Tablet.

  • Microsoft

  • Our Adjunct application is built on and for customers with an existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013.